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The Costa Investment Group believes in procuring the greatest returns possible for our clients which is why we’ve built a philosophy based on disciplined wagering. Typical handicapping companies gamble with your money as an extension of their own gambling compulsions. CIG is not a handicapping company. CIG is a technology company that uses a powerful predictive software program to gain a significant advantage in the sports wagering market. The sports wagering market is simply a tool for us to exercise our technology. By following our disciplined model of wagering and using the plays our algorithm suggests to wager on, you will significantly increase your chances of long-term success, giving yourself an opportunity to create a very lucrative passive income.

How C.I.Gs philosophy leads to great returns in the sports wagering market

CIG’s success comes from the long-term mentality we take when constructing client portfolios. Reckless action plays have no place in any proper wealth building strategy. CIG utilizes an entire division dedicated only to choosing the best sporting events to wager on. Only choosing the absolute best games to invest in requires patience and discipline, which are two essential parts of the CIG philosophy.

Sports Wagering Philosophy:

Three core principles differentiate our approach as a Sports Portfolio management company:

Disciplined We believe Sports Wagering is complex
Our team employs a structured decision-making process to manage complex risk and reward trade-offs
Responsive The Sports market changes every 6 to 12 months
Our software must adapt to the fast-paced advancements in line setting technologies that are used to beat the gambler
Risk Controlled We believe the Sports market is difficult to forecast for most Gamblers
Gamblers must avoid costly mistakes and risks. That’s why we developed our long-term sports wagering strategy

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