The Difference Between Disciplined Sports Wagering And Aggressive Sports Betting

The Costa Investment Group, the first true sports wagering firm in the country, does not believe in sports betting. Our firm only practices disciplined sports wagering. Unlike sports touting sites that simply gamble with your money, CIG utilizes a rigid analytical process before choosing any pick. We analyze games the same way that a hedge fund manager will analyze publicly traded companies. This algorithmic process results in much higher success rates than those found on sports betting sites.

Our sports wagering philosophy is founded on the premise that the systematic application of quantitative techniques has the potential to deliver consistent low risk, high yield returns. With our groundbreaking predictive software, the vast amounts of gaming information available on demand and our insight into how the sports market lines are set, we’re abundantly confident that the service we deliver is unmatched.

Quantitative Analysis For Disciplined Sports Wagering

The Costa Investment Group utilizes a sophisticated system of analysis based on the same proprietary software deployed by hedge fund managers to analyze publicly traded companies. CIG has repurposed this software in order to provide quantitative analysis of all wager-able sporting events. Our quantitative analysis considers every factor of the game such as timing, weather, previous match-ups, recent trades, injuries, historical data, how and why the line was set the way it was and much more. This information is then condensed and compiled for further analysis allowing our sports wagering specialists to provide our clients with the best possible events to wager on.


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