100% commission based

If you don’t make money, we don’t make money

The Costa Investment Group is revolutionizing the sports wagering experience by taking the most innovative approach we’ve seen since the birth of the Vegas sports book and turning sports wagering into a viable business opportunity. 

The Costa Investment Group takes a modern, technical approach to sports wagering, by using both Artificial Intelligence and a proprietary algorithm to choose their plays.

The Costa Investment Group treats sports wagering like a business and focuses on long-term growth & profits, and best of all, we are 100% commission based. If you are not making money, we are not making money. 

What you get working with the Costa Investment Group:

  • Consistent 68% winning record
  • No upfront fees, free sign up, 100% guaranteed
  • A personal sports wagering consultant
  • 100% commission based only
  • Weekly profits must be met before clients pay any commissions 
  • Phenomenal service from a great team that’s fully committed to your success
  • Low 25% commission off of gross profits and profits only
  • No upfront fees, free sign up, 100% guaranteed
  • Profit, Profit, Profit


All of your games will be sent via text. Expect 3-8 games per week, depending on the time of the year. If we don’t have a game, you will not hear from us. Each Monday, you and our online wagering assistant will go over your profits for the week. If you owe us commissions, you will be sent a Paypal invoice on Monday. Commissions must be paid every Monday. If you’re in the red, those losses will carry into the new week and we do not get paid again until you’re back in the black. It’s very simple IF YOU ARE NOT WINNING, WE ARE NOT MAKING MONEY.

*We have one requirement before you start receiving plays. It’s important to have a one time – (FREE), sports wagering consultation to go over money management with the owner of the company, Danny Costa. We only make money when you make money, and Danny would like to share with you his money management techniques that has given him 22 years of sports wagering success. So please arrange that consultation with one of our sports wagering specialists, thank you*


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